Applications Development

Everyone needs something and we are happy to give a helping hand. Our task is to create unique solutions which help our customers to simplify their work and broaden their horizons. Experienced team of experts creates applications using various technologies (Reliance 4, D2000, Ruby on Rails, etc.) depending on the requirements of the customer to reach the highest comfort. Our solutions are not strictly focused on the use of only one development platform. Simultaneous use of several platforms enables us to be highly flexible when suggesting solutions required not only in energy industry. For business systems we use approved development platforms – MS Visual Studio .net and Enterprise Architect. We use certified methods of the process with a clear division of tasks, putting equal accent on all parts of the development of the software we deliver documented in UML. As a result, we ensure reliable, stable and functional solution with a potential following development. In software development we offer:
  • Energy trade support and CRM solutions
  • Automatic data collection and processing
  • Automation of orders, reporting and information evaluation
  • Web applications and IT integration in business environment